Andrew Fedynak
Random People, Places, and Dreams

The Serenity Arts Project's Mail Art Initiative is about
continuing the idea of using art as an anonymous connector
to the global community in the current digital world.

Each piece of Mail Art is a visual message in and of itself.
The physical act of mailing each piece becomes a release of
the art and its energy out into the world.

The acts of cutting, labeling, and addressing the pieces
doubles as a form of meditative catharsis.

If a piece of Mail Art creates “any” form of reaction from the
receiver, that reaction in any form (For Example: personal
delight, confusion, destruction of the piece, or the searching
of this blog) is a valid response to the art.

Many of the individual Mail Art pieces are meant to be
assemblages of a singular fragmented photograph.

The only physical record kept of the Mail Art are
photographs of the visual side of each piece.  No record of the
addresses are kept by SAP in the hopes that each piece of
Mail Art could instead foster random interactions as they
arrive with in each community.

Please continue to the Serenity Arts Project page to read further about this project.


                      Examples of the fronts of SAP's Mail Art.